Clydebank East Community Council Meeting
Monday 2 September 2019


  • J. White Chairperson
  • E.  Wyper Secretary
  • A. Conarty Treasurer
  • G. Casey Councillor
  • D. Lennie Councillor


  • D. Bell
  • M. McNair Councillor
  • B. Wyper

John welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave the fire drill. Minutes of last meeting read and passed L.Bell seconded by J.White.

Treasurers Report

  • £1.716.42p paid off gala day account and returned £250 for road closures

Secretary’s report

  • Police Scotland are looking for young people to join the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers.
  • John going to speak to Dawn Connor and Councillor McNair and try to get a meeting with King Street residents.
  • Yokermill Road across from Mulberry Crescent fence buckled brought to W.D.C. attention and taped off still waiting on contractor to fix.

Councillors Report

  • Fencing and cost and at present no definitive answer and Councillor Lennie says Councillor McNair may have answers


  • Participation officer can’t get out on pavement because of trees and hedges having to go on road neighbours are getting away with anti social behaviour.
  • Phoned councillor about road sinking at Whitecrook park Alan McMullen environmental trust to get back in touch.
  • Check with Provost Hendrie and Councillor McNair about whats happening about gardens.Invitation
    from Airport Flight Path. Alistair Conarty has been selected to go on 10th September 2019.

£96.000 to insulate four houses awaiting clarification on this from housing committee

Next meeting 7 October 2019


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