Clydebank East Community Council Minutes
7th October 2019


  • G. Casey Cllr.
  • J. White Chair
  • M. McNair Cllr
  • A. Conarty Treasurer
  • E. Wyper Sec.
  • A. Rutherford


  • B. Wyper
  • D Lennie Cllr.
  • Provost Hendrie

John welcomed everyone to the meeting and gave the fire drill.

Maters arising from last minutes

  • There were no matters arising
  • Prop. by Alan Rutherford seconded by Alistair Conarty

Treasurers Report

  • £1.566.42 in bank still a couple of cheques to come off balance

Secretary’s report

  • Nothing to report
  • Mr Alex McMillan has asked to join the community council it was agreed by All
  • Prop by J. White sec. By A. Conarty

Police report

  • Again there was no police present

Councillors report

  • Fences for king street £1255 per garden
  • Rear garden at 92 braes ave council to contact Scottish Water to attend and Gale going to look into this further
  • Alan McMillan asked for update and at present they are not working on any plans.


  • Airport flight path safety measures for all airports. Alistair speaking on Airport noise and gave a report that anyone can see.
  • Whats to happen if D. Connor doesn’t attend meetings Gail will go back to D. Connor and let other council tenants know whats happening. Who decided on who got fences.
  • Rockery overgrown with weeds and pavements should be dropped for Wheelchair access it was suggested that Council budget to do one side one year and other side the following year.
  • 10 mums whose children have been in nursery since 19th august 2019 still do not have their invoices not wanting to be waiting six months and having to pay this all at once we are now into second week in October all parents worried and just want answers
  • Had to phone for repair couple days later still recorded message at Clydebank. Firework display no date yet free bus has been okayed

Next meeting 4th November 2019 at 7pm Centre81


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