Clydebank East Community Council Minutes
4th November 2019


  • J. White (chair)
  • E. Wyper(sec.}
  • A. McMillan
  • A. Rutherford
  • J. Henry
  • Cllr. M. McNair
  • Prov. W. Hendrie


  • B. Wyper
  • A. Conarty (tres)
  • O. Bell

John thanked everyone for attending the meeting and gave the fire drill.

Matters arising from last minutes

  • No matters arising
  • Prop. J. White sec. A. Rutherford

Treasurers report

  • £1.566.42 in the bank no changes

Secretary report

  • Nothing to report

Councillors report

  • King Street fencing 45-63 completed

The other residents have issues with the £1400 for their fences. Need to go back and find out why this is ask Amanda Coulthard to next meeting. Ask for housing Suzanne Mitchell area coordinator

Police report

  • John Paterson new commander still no police presence


  • People are slipping on leaves can we have them cleared away.
  • Spending money on paving when shopping is farcical.
  • Edinburgh house manage shopping centre show no interest.
  • Pre-agenda meeting looking for buyers.
  • Alan been in consultation with community links, March water sports on canal.
  • Y-Sort It bikes for hire mini restaurants in Dunnes Store but were knocked back.
  • Concern about pavement lowered at Dean Street for disable bay but people parking over lowered pavement, can we find out who dealt with this person and which department. We want feedback and who makes the decisions.

John closed the meeting and once again thanked everyone for coming along

Next meeting 2nd December 2019 7pm Centre81


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