Clydebank East Community Council Minutes
4th March 2019


  • L. Bell
  • D. Bell
  • E. Wyper Secretary
  • J. White Chairperson
  • W. Hendie Provost
  • M. McNair Cllr
  • A. Conarty Treasurer
  • J. Henry Vice Chair
  • B. Wyper
  • G. Casey Cllr
  • A. Rutherford


  • D. Lennie Cllr

John thanked everyone for attending and gave the fire safety drill.

Treasurers Report

We have £2166.42 in the bank

Secretary Report

Nothing to report

Cllrs Reports

  • Mr Gilles hedge now cut.
  • O.H.R parking problem not roads department It is a school problem
  • D Lynch copy in Dawn Connor about King Street fencing
  • Ian Bain tree covered by conservation order taken complaint to R.Cairns awaiting further communication
  • Issue about bins in Mill Road at junction Mill Road and Barns Street


  • Rumours about J Browns park being sold off and want to know whats happening as there are concerns, some rumours about building houses and as park was donated to community can councillors find out for us.
  • Joe and Tam had meeting with airport, insulation not happening until October
  • So people need to phone if noise of planes is disturbing them.
  • £1 million set aside to insulate homes asked for ban on night flights
  • Proposed application for Thor Ceramics for housing 15th May 2019 ask Turnberry to come along to community council to give presentation.
  • Webster Street have mice and rats and council not doing anything to help residents told to sort this themselves
  • Awestruck Academy shut down for repairs environmental health have shut this until repairs are carried out shopping centre wont help 2 buildings are in disrepair council own 16% want council to help bring shopping centre back into local control
  • Market village leased from shopping centre Iceland had its heating turned off for 5 /8 weeks health and safety need to take a look at this
  • John thanked everyone for attending the meeting next meeting 1st April 2019 at 7pm.


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