Clydebank east community council meeting 15 July 2019


  • A. Conarty
  • E. Wyper
  • Cllr. D Lennie
  • John White
  • Donna Bell
  • Liz Bell
  • Allan Rutherford
  • Joe Henry


  • B. Wyper
  • John thanked everyone for attending and gave the fire drill, john apologised for having to cancel last meeting
  • Minutes from previous meeting approved by Alistair Conarty, seconded by Donna Bell

Treasurers report £1,716.42

  • Alistair had a meeting with finance department and they want to know what we are spending our money on. We received £250 from Provost Fund for bus to fireworks display.
  • We have receipts for every transaction.
  • Can we have a report back for this question.
  • Alistair suggested that we take taxis instead of claiming fuel allowance
  • Computer and memory stick to be purchased for use of secretary, Cllr Lennie
  • Suggested that we get three quotes for this

Police Report

  • 3 x domestic abuse
  • 7 x drug offences
  • 3 x fail to pay fuel
  • 2 x theft
  • 1 x drone
  • 6 x Traffic Offences
  • 2 x Vandalism
  • 5 x Assaults

Secretary Report

Nothing to report

Cllrs Reports

Nothing to report at present as Cllrs are off on summer break 


  • King Street fencing
  • King Street fencing to begin with nos 49, 51, 53, 57 they think this is because these houses are all together.
  • West Dunbartonshire decided that home owners would pay for fencing
  • King Street residents feel discriminated against
  • Community Councill were supposed to get £50,000 monies evaporated
  • £186,000 for Boyle Street from European Fund
  • £190,000 went to tennis courts
  • £800,000 for Centre81
  • Elected members decide what monies are spent on, Danny Lennie said that it was his understanding that all monies would be paid in full
  • 12 years this has been going on who makes the final decision
  • Down at the nursery cars are parking so that bus cannot get by £950 worth of damage to local bus because of this, if this continues we will loss local bus and it needs to be brought to nurseries attention.
  • Invite to Dawn Connor to next meeting.
  • Not cutting grass at canal, this is a breading ground for rats and for the use of dog walkers.
  • Airport says council now dragging their feet.
  • Try and make a meeting for King Street residents alone.
  • Can Cllr Danny Lennie find out about damage of 5G masts at Durban Avenue next to primary school, if council refuse permission Scottish Government will give License


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