Clydebank East Community Council
meeting 7 January 2019


  • A. Conarty
  • L. Bell
  • D. Bell
  • J. White
  • E. Wyper
  • B. Wyper
  • A. Rutherford
  • J. Henry


  • Cllr M. McNair

John thanked everyone for coming to the meeting and gave the fire drill

Matters arising from previous minutes

  • There were no matters arising from previous minutes Proposed by J. Henry
  • Seconded by A. Conarty

Treasures Report

  • We have £239.87 in the bank we also have confirmation of cheque for £2026.65 but not cleared
    from bank.
  • Brian McQuillan questioning what we do with monies Dawn Riddick passed everything so we need a
    meeting with these parties to sort this out

Police Report

  • We have had no contact from police in 4 months John has been contacting them by telephone but is
    getting no response. John is now going to go to Police Station to see if he can get someone to

Councillors Report

  • No councillors at community council meeting and we received no apologies except one from Cllr
    M. McNair


  • Jimmy has not had his hedges cut in two years but others are getting theirs done wants to know why.
  • Ongoing damage to roof 2014 4yrs later council has now admitted liability just waiting on confirmation on when work will be carried out.
  • Lights out on Barns Street at Chicane
  • I have been asked to send an e-mail to Joyce White with these complaints as no councillors are present and to ask who the estate manager is for Whitecrook as we no longer know who this is.

Whitecrook Airport Noise Association

  • Joe and Tam have a meeting on 25th January over at airport so will give an update at next meeting.

John closed meeting and thanked everyone for coming along.
Next Meeting 4th February 2019 at 7pm.


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