Clydebank East Community Council
meeting 5 August 2019


  • J. White (chair)
  • D. Bell
  • L. Bell
  • E. Wyper (sec)
  • Cllr M. McNair
  • Provost W. Henrie
  • Cllr D. Lennie


  • B. Wyper
  • Cllr. G. Casey

John thanked everyone for attending and gave the fire drill.

Police Report for July 2019

  • 7 drug offences
  • 6 possession
  • 1 intent to supply
  • 13 thefts
  • 3 vandalism
  • 1 taser gun
  • 6 breach of the peace
  • 1 fraud
  • 1 fire raising (wheelie bin)
  • 2 house break ins nothing taken
  • 1 attempted break in

Secretary’s report

Brian McQuillan requesting minutes from c.c. meetings since march 2019

Treasurers report

Not available at this time

Matters arising from minutes of last meeting

  • £250.00 was for Halloween party and not of bus for fireworks
  • Provost Hendrie had put in his apologies
  • Cllr McNair it was about the masts beside schools and not 5G
  • Proposed by l. Bell
  • Seconded by D. Bell

Councillors reports

  1. Glasgow Airport say that it is not correct 50-50 and its w.d.c. that are dragging its heels
  2. 5G masts ask P. Clifford do we carry out risk assessments,who do we appeal to and who pays for the appeal, cannot appeal on health grounds otherwise council would need to pay costs. We need to try and address this.
  3. Alistair was questioned about bank and way he does things Cllr Lennie was satisfied everything was done correct.
  4. Car parking at nursery bus was damaged trying to get by parked cars need to try and address this
  5. king Street – Cllrs going back to council to try and get meeting with just the King Street Residents


Linnvale/Whitecrook grass at the canal is needing cut it’s in a disgraceful mess, gardens in Braes Avenue in disrepair, and hedges are very high. Drains blocked due to baby wipes and other things that should not be flushed down drains council should be sending letters to all Council residents to explain this and council workers should be going to residents instead of asking neighbours to do this.


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