Clydebank East Community Council meeting 15 April 2019 AGM

  • Everyone stepped down from their posts and elections were duly held
  • John White was re-elected as chairperson proposed by Alistair Conarty seconded by Donna
  • John White proposed Joe Henry as vice chair seconded by Brian Wyper
  • Elsbeth Wyper as secretary proposed by Liz seconded by Brian Wyper
  • Alistair Conarty as treasurer proposed by John White seconded by Donna
  • Financial Statement £1.716.42 will be sent to West Dunbartonshire Council at the end of the meeting.
  • Apologies Provost William Hendrie, Joe Henry, Allan Rutherford and Elsbeth Wyper

Police report for February 2019

  • 2 drug arrests
  • 2 breach of the peace
  • 5 vandalism arrests
  • Lots of thefts from Clydebank East Flats
  • 25 calls reported 11 detected vandalism and thefts

Police report for march 2019

  • 2 possession of drugs
  • 6 thefts
  • 4 breach of the peace
  • 35 issues form Clydebank East Flats
  • 1 of someone running around with a knife
  • Police concerns of lights left on at flats
  • Marie explained this is due to flight path for planes coming in
  • End of police report

Any Other Business

  • Still waiting on councillors report on parking at O.H.R. from Raymond Walsh
  • Still a lot of concerns over dog fouling in our area.
  • Our gala day will be on 3 August 2019

End of meeting


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